Vintom North America (VNA LLC) promotes, markets and sells across the United States and Canada the highly scalable video platform developed by Vintom. We are here to further the brand and educate customers on the difference that a more natural personalized video experience can do.

  • If you are a corporate client wanting to integrate personalized video as part of your communication strategy, we can work with you, from the design stage all the way up to the delivery of your personalized videos.
  • If you are an ad agency – or a post-production facility – looking for ways to easily and cost-effectively create and deliver personalized videos for your top clients, we can help you tap into Vintom’s powerful engine from within your After Effects compositions.

On average, only 3% of typical target audiences will click-through a text based email campaign.

Vintom has a track record of helping companies like yours increase click-through rate (CTR) by ~ 600%

And increase the attention of your clients, from 8 seconds for text email to 60+ seconds for custom videos!

93% view entire video. 71% read their video twice. 43% want to see more content