Smart people are spending money on social media platforms to acquire new customers. Smarter people are also nurturing the most important aspect of their business. The customers they already have and ultimately the most profitable! Vintom take over where social media leaves off and give you the tools to maximize your investment.

Vintom increases customer loyalty by helping to deliver a personalized message that is authentic and appealing. Vintom’s messages are 600% more likely to generate interest by the recipient. Over 80% of viewers watch their Vintom personalized video till the end!

Our highly scalable platform offers unmatched creative freedom, respects the most stringent privacy laws. Vintom guarantees the smoothest viewing experience worldwide and we have the numbers to back it up!

Using an anonymized database, we create a personalized video that only contains first names and associated data. Vintom works with you to identify the various scenarios and variables that will produce the maximum impact. Creative elements are developed, refined and signed off. Once the personalized videos are rendered, each of your customers gets a private URL link to watch.

Our convenient and detailed reporting system lets you monitor viewing activities so you can take the actions that will ensure a great ROI.

The results show a higher success rate in CTA (Call to Action) with Vintom!


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