Marketers in the Healthcare industry, one of the fastest-growing service sectors, increasingly use personalized video to promote their brands. In fact, video will account for over 82% of all Internet traffic by 2021. But as video consumption increases, viewer’s attention reduces!

Personalized marketing provides the opportunity to change the mass-marketing approach to health care marketing. Personalized information, especially when delivered digitally, can increase patient engagement and educate consumers on how to improve health. Health engagement tools can enrich the conversations in which decisions occur between the healthcare provider and patient.

Using personalized marketing draws readers into your message and addresses their interests and needs. By grabbing readers attention, they are more likely to click on links, download information, register for a seminar or share your information through social media.

Vintom’s video rendering platform excels at creating dynamic content that speaks directly to the audience and that feels natural and unique. Using simple rules and anonymized data from any CRM, Vintom’s platform crafts millions of unique messages that are not just engaging and informative, but that put viewers in action and drive results.

Some of the World’s biggest companies, including Citi, Audi, Deutsche Bank, Ikea, and now MetLife, trust Vintom and are convinced about the power of personalized video. With remarkably fast turnaround times, campaigns are ready to carry on directly to millions of recipients across international markets. From increased email open rates to increased viewership, and effective call to action, Vintom is the personalized solution for your marketing needs.


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