Vintom Cares for your Security and Privacy Concerns

One of the most common concerns raised by CEOs when introducing them to personalized videos relates to their security and privacy concerns. While this is very reassuring as it should be on everyone’s mind, we fully understand these concerns and have developed a solution to address them

Vintom’s approach to personalized videos has proven to be exceptionally safe, and most importantly meets the stringent European’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Now, Let’s examine how the Vintom process works.

Access to CRM information

Your CRM contains sensitive information about your customers, and that data remains under your control at all times. Only a subset of that data is shared with Vintom and that subset is anonymized, which means that Vintom only receives non-nominative information. In other words, information that does not allow individual customers to be identified.

The diagram below shows the data flow between your company’s CRM (green) and Vintom’s database (yellow).

You will first need to provide the anonymized information required to create the personalized messages. All nominative information, such as Last Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, Record IDs, Social Security Numbers, and personal Addresses, is removed (1). Nobody will be able to know who Fred, Paul, and Mary (in the example above) are, except you. At this point, Vintom has everything it needs to do its magic and generate a unique video link for each entry.

Vintom will then create a list of video links that you will match back with the email addresses or phone numbers that are stored in your original CRM database (2). Note that Vintom never distributes the video links and will never know who the links are sent to. Simply use your normal email blast method to distribute links to your prospects (3).

Any responses to surveys or questions collected while your customers are watching the video will automatically be logged into the Vintom database (4). You can easily access this information to act upon it or augment your CRM.

Video Hosting

All Vintom personalized videos are rendered and hosted on Microsoft Azure. This highly secure platform ensures maximum scalability and smooth streaming experiences across the globe.

It is neither possible nor necessary to host personalized videos on your own servers. First because all of the information and videos are non-nominative, two because it would require a massive amount of data to be moved around, and three because Microsoft Azure is amongst the most secure storage platform. Azure is trusted by security-aware governmental agencies around the world as well as Fortune 500 such as Disney.

What do you do to protect of your customer’s privacy and identity?

Engage in a conversation with Vintom to create campaigns that respect the most stringent security regulations and generate significant engagement with your customers.