Our personalized video for MetLife successfully addressed their challenges in renewing investments from existing customers using Vintom’s proprietary personalization technology. Gartner analysts stated that customer retention is the most profitable investment for your marketing dollars.

Some of the World’s biggest companies, including Citi, Audi, Deutsche Bank, Ikea, and now MetLife, trust Vintom and are convinced about the power of personalized video. With remarkably fast turnaround times, campaigns are ready to carry on directly to millions of recipients across international markets.

MetLife worked with Vintom to increase the ratio of customer engagement, and to develop more natural paths to onboard new customers. Up-sell and cross-sell levels, as well as customer engagement, referrals, and satisfaction levels were greatly improved. Vintom’s Personalized video campaign solution helped MetLife achieve fantastic results, and we have the data to prove it!

  • 49% Email Open rate
  • 91% of viewers started watching the video
  • 90% of viewers watched the video till the end
  • 31% Call to Action

Everything from increased email open rates through increased viewership and call to action says Vintom is the personalized solution for your marketing needs.

On a scale of zero to ten, how satisfied are you with the loyalty of your customers?

Improve your Customer Journey / Lifecycle with Vintom’s personalized and interactive video technology.

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