We make it easy for agencies

to tap into the amazing power of personalized videos.

Our platform extends the capabilities of After Effects projects by introducing concepts of variables, chains, attachments and conditions. Our highly scalable and cloud-based rendering engine supports real time dynamic scene selection and in-video personalization with names, images, data simulations, dates etc.

We connect our platform to your CRM through APIs to automate campaign generation process. Individualized video messages combine the effectiveness of visual content, attractiveness of storytelling and relevancy of contextual data to drive outstanding engagement and conversion results.

We host rendered videos on Microsoft Azure and deliver a perfect viewing experience worldwide. Finally, our advanced interactive player lets you record viewer’s choices and actions in addition to ensuring you get detailed viewing reports.

Friendly to post-production facilities

  • Turns Adobe After Effects (AE) compositions into personalized videos
  • Easily define rules and variables for triggering different scenarios
  • Variables and rules set in AE control Vintom’s rendering engine.

Production steps

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Memorable viewing experiences

  • Renders personalized videos at 480, 720 and 1080 resolutions
  • Proprietary player supports virtually all mobile and desktop browsers
  • Streaming servers hosted by Microsoft Azure with worldwide datacenter.


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