We make it easy for corporations

to produce turnkey video packages

Integrating personalized video as part of your communication strategy has never been easier. The creative part is done in collaboration with one of the many post-production houses that are familiar with Vintom’s technology and process. Together, we make ensure you get great value and the best possible experience.

Setting goals

First step is to discuss the type of data you have in your CRM; the type of communication you want to create. We discuss the various scenarios and creative options based on goals, budget and time constraints.


A number of scripts are prepared, proposed and then discussed. Choice of personalized variables, actor, voices, color schemes, and music is done at this stage.


The animated project is created using Vintom’s keywords to select variables and scenes. Any live shooting and/or voice recording is also done at this time.                                                                                    3


An anonymized version of the database is uploaded into Vintom’s plateform, along with the animated project. Millions of video can be rendered, each having personalized variables and scene logic.


Vintom provides you with a list of personalized URL that you can then distribute to your target audience via email, SMS, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                5


You can then monitor the viewer report for your project. This report not only lets you see who watch your video, but how much of it they watched, how often they watched it, and any action they might have taken while watching.